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Posts tagged as “Funding”

Spending Performance: 14 September 2021

Today, as anticipated, we remain on £1,233.10 spent so far this month. I didn’t spend anything today so made up some ground on today’s target.…

Spending Performance: 8 September 2021

One thing I’ve started doing is tracking my expenses week by week to give me early insight into whether i’m overspending. I have an overall…

The Worst Month of the Year

August is shaping up to be the worst money month of the 2021/22 fiscal year for me so far. My total expenditure as of 27 August is


A staggering £800 over budget.

Theory of Constraints

At the moment, if i want something, I just buy it. There is no reference to a budget; no saving for things and no deference…

August Blows Up

So August has been blown up. I have spent £2327 so far and there are seven days left in the month. My budget was £1650.…