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Smart Money Lessons

This is a summary of some of the lessons I’m learning on my financial journey

Dining Out

If you’re booking a restaurant, check the prices before you go by having a look at the menu online (restaurant website, tripadvisor, £££ signs on third-party websites)—especially if you’ll be picking up the tab. The last thing you want is to be ignorant of the prices until you get there. Once you’re in a restaurant is easy to just order to your hearts delight so check before you go and avoid expensive restaurants if you can in the first place. You can also opt to split the bill if that’s possible or simply be mindful of what you order—although that’s harder to do in the moment, so avoid getting into that position in the first place.

Tell Yourself “No, not yet”

Having the self-control to tell yourself “no, I don’t have the money for that yet” is the most powerful and effective ways to avoid slipping into consumer debt.