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Sunday 21 May 2023

Again I managed to do okay today. I’m all reconciled and not too worried at this point about how I close out the month. I don’t think I have any commitments that would derail me.

My focus is slowly shifting to next month to ensure I can maintain this disciplined spending.

Checking my budget and reconciling everyday is certainly helping.

My biggest concern now is plugging enough funds away into savings to cover my future expenses i.e. car related expenses that fall in October and September. Those can be quite hefty so I have to start planning and saving towards them month by month from now.

I want to get fitter too so thinking about getting a membership at the leisure club that I can use to attend classes. I’ve managed to carve out £30 to cover that so I’ll look into further on Tuesday.

I really need to close my storage space so I can save £154 per month. It’s a huge amount and I think I need to go to work this week on eradicating this expense.