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Financial Statement and Retrospective: October 2021

October was a difficult month. Income was slightly higher than average which helped to ever so slightly offset what turned out to be the highest spending month of the year so far.

Income Statement for October 2021

Net profit this month was at a miserable 15% of income. I can do a lot better.

The cost of extraordinary expenses was extraordinarily high this month—much too high for my liking.

The main culprits of those extraordinary expenses categorised below in order of value:

New Microwave – £392

My microwave broke down last month so I had to replace it. Of course I didn’t have to but I thought long and hard about it and decided that I would. I tried to get it fixed but found out it would cost close to £200 to get it fixed. As a result I decided it was better to fork out an extra hundred for a new one. I paid £80 to find that out!

Social and Dates – £320

I did a lot of socials and dates which I need to moderate going forward. This is very much a necessary category but one I can do better to contain. They are mostly small/medium expenses but their frequency means they mount up easily.

Personal Trainer – £300

I still think this expense was worth it. I am actually going to invest more into a PT so I can get a programme for myself to get me into shape. I’ll trial if for a while and if I don’t end up benefiting, I’ll have to find another means to get into shape.

Car – £278

This didn’t turn out as badly as I thought it would. In fact it turned out so good that the money I had reserved for repairs, I could repurpose for the microwave. Nevertheless they are all expenses. This one is one I can’t avoid but I can drive a lot more carefully to ensure I’m not doing undue damage to my car that might warrant repair sooner than necessary. I have to replace my tyres however in the next few months so that’s one that will hit the books perhaps in January.

Kitchenware – £180

I bought some new pots and pans and other kitchen accessories that I wanted. I could have avoided this expense but I needed a wok and a steamer specifically and not having them was stopping me from feeling comfortable cooking so I bit the bullet and just paid the money for the equipment so I can have no excuses for cooking healthy meals. One that could’ve been avoided but I have no regrets.

Family – £179

I had to visit family for health reasons. Sometimes these things happen and you can’t help it, you just have to do what you have to do and that’s what I did.

Medication – £68

I got a little bit sick and had to buy some quality vitamins and medications. I could’ve saved by buying the cheaper versions but there’s some things that are not worth compromising on—one of those things is your health.


The main takeaway for me from October is to

  1. Moderate your expenses by choosing cheaper solutions where it makes sense to do so
  2. Keep social spending down by not paying all the time and also choosing cheaper food options
  3. Don’t pay for a personal trainer without actually working out on your own. Use a PT to get a programme, see them probably once a week or fortnightly only to check in and review progress.

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