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Well I’ve tried blogging my money journey before but gave up shortly after. I’m in more debt now than when I started the first time.

It’s the start of 2020 and feel motivated. It’s not just the new year, it’s the fact that I’m fed up and tired. Fed up of debt, tired of renting a room in someone else’s house, paying off their mortgage.

I want things to be different. I need to get control of my money. Not just control, I need to be better at money. If I’m honest, I suck at it—I’m really bad; no, really, really bad. I’ve spent money on useless things, ran up credit cards, transferred the balance and kept doing it.

Now about to turn 35 and seeing that my life is going nowhere because of my situation, I am determined to make a change.

I’ll tell you all about those changes on this blog and try to explain the things I’m doing to teach myself better money skills.

A little background might be useful though so in the next post, I’ll walk you through my financial story and try explain how I got here.

In the post after that, I’ll explain what the current state of play is with my finances and what I’m planning to do to address it.

Here’s to a happy new year and to hopefully being able to look back on this post in a year’s time with some level of pride and achievement that I actually stuck to something and executed on my goals.

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