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Cancelling subscriptions

Everything is a subscription nowadays.

They are little (some not so little) expenses that together add up to be a lot.

£5 here, £10 there and over time you can end up paying hundreds of pounds in subscriptions.

I am one of those people (due to my level of curiosity) who has ended up with lots of subscriptions that I think are necessary. Spotify to Netflix to random ‘productivity’ apps. They all add up.

Lately, I’ve been trying to cut back so I can save some of that money.

It is proving quite difficult though. Somehow I’ve convinced myself I need these things. Some of them I don’t even use everyday but I think I’m going to use it soon.

The reality is with my current plans to buy a house, I can’t afford to keep little subscriptions that don’t add a ton of value. I have to cut and be ruthless in my cutting.

There’s a productivity app that I’m hesitating to cut and I thought I should come here and explain it to myself to find the wherewithal to cut it.

I think I will cut it. Although I would love to keep it and use it to plan my day, the truth is I rarely do use it. And even when I do use it, I don’t get the full benefit of it. I just put my day’s tasks in there and then forget about them–not doing anything according to the plan I’ve made. So let’s cut it. If I really need to, I can always come back next month.