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Friday 16 June 2023 – Mid-month Assessment – It’s getting tough now!

Boy oh boy are things getting tough.

We are now mid-month and my finances are strained. I have about £300 left for the rest of the month. Eeek. There are still a lot of commitments on the lists to be funded. I have friends visiting before I get paid again; I need to put petrol in my car for work and travel and shuttling friends around; I’ve also decided to go back to playing tennis because literally sitting at home all day is starting to depress me and I need some fun activity to prevent me going insane and being the most unproductive person I know. It seems like a luxury and probably it is but right now I feel I need it, it’s a little bit of joy and activity which I think will pay dividends in the way I feel.

So here we are mid-month and I can’t remember another month where I was this close to the wire. In fact I know I can’t fund everything. I just have to take it one day at a time, keep a strict eye on this budget and my spending everyday and be prepared to make difficult game time decisions as moments draw near.

You got this. You can do it.