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Not a happy bunny

I am pissed. I was doing so well with my budget this month. Then a relative goes and blows it out the water. I hate when people ruin my plans and sometimes this happens and just can’t plan for it.

I can’t control what other people do. Sometimes people make stupid decisions which end up costing YOU money. Why should I pay for other people’s stupid decisions – because somehow that’s what family does. Family is supposed to help you up not keep you down but sometimes your family isn’t that kind of family.

Anyway, to protect myself I have to make sure I have enough funds saved up for eventualities like this.

Unfortunately my budget isn’t that much yet to be able to handle big curveballs. It’s still a very young budget which means there’s not a lot of room for error. If a curveball gets thrown at me, I don’t have enough cushion to absorb it. And that is a problem. I need to work on that and believe I can mature my budget in that respect over time but for now I’m just pissed that other people can have such a detrimental impact your finances.