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Financial Satisfaction vs Job Satisfaction

The decision of which job to take is a financial one.

I need to start thinking about my options in those terms. Although other factors – such as wellbeing, job satisfaction etc – also matter, the financial factor weighs heavily in the decision-making process.

“Will this job enable me to reach the financial goals I have?” is a question that I have to ask.

What are my financial goals? That is something that I have yet to define and articulate.

I have an offer from a new job which is considerably less income but may help me get more job satisfaction.

My current role is temporary. It could go on till next Spring and net me about £4,500 a month. The offer on the table is in a different industry and is for £3,300 a month. Thats £1,200 less every month. For most people this would be a no-brainer. But what if you really don’t like the current role? Is suffering through it justifiable in order to reach your financial goals quicker, or does your job satisfaction play a bigger role in the decision-making process?

All questions to be weighed and answered…


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