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Get a career you care about—even if it doesn’t pay well?

I don’t want to have a moan about my job but I really dislike it. You know when something is just not suited to you—or rather you are not suited to it; that’s exactly how I feel about this job. It’s not just the company, it’s the role itself.

I know myself, I know what my strengths are and I know what I enjoy doing. I’ve experienced flow before and I know what that feels like. It is absolutely the opposite of what I feel every day at work. I want to solve this problem. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life—or even the next 3-5 years going through the banality, boredom, and plain lack of interest and drive that I feel every day at work. I’ve thought about going back to university and doing a masters degree. But what to study is another question. The cost is also a question. Going to university doesn’t make money. Of course I can do part-time distance learning—move slowly and pivot into something I find more interesting. That is indeed my plan and I’m hoping I can execute on that soon.

Maybe I need to start focusing some energy on that goal as well as I continue working and saving as much as I can. It will probably give me more motivation knowing I have a route out of this unfulfilling job.

I have to consider what to study and when.

I do really need to dedicate some time to it as well because working all day, you just get tired at the end of the day and have no energy/desire to start making applications. But I must. I know I must. This is far too important not to do something about it. I need to start making that plan more solid, more real, soon.

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