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At it again

Here I am again; spending money like I don’t have things to save for.

I’ve had enough of my crapness with money.

I spent £500 over the weekend on restaurants, bars, sleeping in hotels etc. How stupid is that. I waste a lot of money.

I need to change. This cannot go on like it is. I need a change. I have goals to meet and yet I’m spending so stupidly. I don’t know what else to do to stop myself being so flippant with money. I wish I cared more and was more frugal. I certainly would have accomplished more if I was.

This is why I’m here again posting about my spending. I’m hoping it’ll help me be more careful.

Even as I’m writing there are things going on in my head about things I need to buy.

I need to stop buying full stop.

Stop being so bad with money.