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Today is the 1st of May. There’s always a good feeling at the start of the month. An opportunity to learn from mistakes and to do things differently. A chance to start with a clean slate.

To help, I joined the new to YNAB webinars to just reacquaint myself with YNAB and how it works. It motivated me to really dive into YNAB and start using it more for all my money management.

The problem is I use YNAB very reactively–only using it after I’ve done my spending to record how the month went. Of course using it like this means I miss out on all the benefits of actually having a budgeting tool.

I’m going to try to shift my habits in May to be more proactive in how I use YNAB. I want to check it everyday and use it to make decisions.

Hopefully this will help me spend more intentionally and not end up making the same mistakes I made last month.

It’s a new month and I have a new slimmer budget to work with. I really do hope I can be more intentional with my money this month and make better decisions.

Hopefully the budget can help with that.