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Eating out with friends

Restaurants are really killing my budget.

I’ve realised that when I go out with friends it normally involves eating out and that eating out is costing a bomb.

The last two evenings I was out with friends and spent a total of £46 on Thursday and £67 on Friday. Is it that restaurants have become more expensive or I choose expensive places? I think it’s a combination of both. Food at restaurants is costing a little bit more but I also tend to choose fancier places.

I need to address this as it’s killing my budget.

£113 just eating out over two days is too much and this is a big problem. The only ways to address it is:

  1. Don’t go out so much.
  2. If you do go out, don’t eat out so much.
  3. If you do eat out, choose cheaper restaurants and order cheaper food.
  4. Find alternative things to do that don’t involve eating out.