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Spending Performance: 11 October 2021

Today saw a steep rise in expenses.

This rise comes from

  1. I pay for storage – £128 – i need to get rid of this cost
  2. Pizza – £17.99 – I couldn’t be bothered to cook and just wanted to eat and be done with food so I could focus on other things
  3. Phone bill for family – £10.64 – a monthly bill

The pizza I could’ve done better with not getting but I was paying for convenience.

The storage really needs to be done away with. I need to find time to get rid of the stuff so that I can stop paying this amount and save it instead. I need to get on with it.

This is the comparison with where I was at this time last month

The gap is closing but I’m thank at least there still seems to be one. I don’t imagine it will be for long though.

  1. I have to fix my microwave so this could be about £90 being spent tomorrow if that goes ahead.
  2. The additional cookware that I need to buy so I can cook a lot more comfortably.
  3. Car servicing and repairs.
  4. I feel we’ll surpass last month’s position soon but the key thing is to still try to stay below budget.

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