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Spending Performance: 11 September 2021

We close today at £1,040 spent so far this month. That’s coming at £40 under expected spend today so good result.

Ideally I want fly under that white line as much and as long as possible.

Two expenses that went in:

  1. £15 – Bought a book that I wanted to read for work. This is an expense that could’ve been avoided for sure but I felt I really wanted to read the book. I have to be careful with this though as it’s one of the areas that really hurts me. I end up spending about £100 per month on these impulse book buys so I have to be careful to triage all other ‘really important books that I need immediately’.
  2. £35 – I had to pay to have some details on my car insurance updated. Complete extortion if you ask me but not one that could have been avoided.

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