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Spending Performance: 12 October 2021

Today’s performance does not look good.

I already warned you this wasn’t going to be pretty viewing but given the reasons explained in the post I think I can I can let this one go and just focus on what I need to do to remediate this overspend.

The interesting part is that there’s still more things currently out of budget that I feel I need to get right now. I’m thinking of giving myself a loan that I pay back over a few months. More to come on that front.

The good thing is that at least compared with last month, we haven’t yet surpassed where we were this time in September. There’s still a lot of the month to go and a couple of unknowns with car servicing and possible repairs looming so I still have to be very careful and try as much as possible not to overspend.

It’s going to be a close call this month and it will require a lot of discipline.

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