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Spending Performance: 13 September 2021

Today we creep over budget to £1,233.10; £45.90 over the budgeted £1,187.20.

The expenses that have come in are

  1. Self Storage – £128
  2. Prime – £7

The self storage is something I need to get rid off. I have some extra things that do not fit into my current living space, I intend to sell some of them and dump the rest. I just have not gotten round to it yet but giving this is now costing me £128 per month, it is not acceptable. I need to empty that storage and close the account ASAP. Hopefully I can start getting down to business and getting rid of those things this month as I do not want to be paying that £128 again.

The Prime sub can stay because I do use it for sports and documentaries when I need something to watch. Although I should consider cancelling Netflix but given these streaming services aren’t huge expenses, I’m not sweating them right now. Although the small amounts do add up when taken together, I’m more concerned at this stage about the big pocket denters like self storage that I need to deal with.

I imagine the current overspending should be corrected by tomorrow. I don’t intend to buy anything between now and the end of tomorrow. I don’t even need to do food shopping given I got some ingredients at the weekend which I can cook tomorrow so we should stay on 1,233 and that should bring us back within budget by tomorrow.

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