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Spending Performance: 15 September 2021

Well goodness me, today’s expenses are pushing us way above budget. I spent £140 since yesterday taking me from £1,233 to £1,373. As you can see, I’m going to need three non-spending days to bring me back under budget. I think Thursday will be a non-spending day and so will Friday; I don’t need to shop those two days at all, but Saturday and Sunday are likely to be expensive as I’m seeing friends and family on both days so will have to be mindful of how much I spend on those days.

The expenses were as follows

  1. Fuel for my car – £80 – Approved
  2. Grooming – £22 – Approved
  3. Food – £38 – Could do better

The fuel is unavoidable. I filled up a full tank. It cost something like £1.55 per litre. Maybe I can do more to find cheaper fuel. I generally don’t like filling up with anything but BP but maybe worth shopping around for the cheapest one in an area. I also used a motorway service station which also probably added to the cost.

Grooming also unavoidable, but I could delay it a little more.

Food, I generally need to get better at. I have started buying ingredients and cooking which should save me more in the long term but I need to ingrain the habit to start to see the benefit in my food budget. I also need to switch from Sainsbury’s to Asda where possible for some extra savings. There’s still more work to do in that category.

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