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Spending Performance: 18 October 2021

A little bit of despondency is setting in as I track a few hundred pounds over budget.

In a couple of days I will be servicing my car which is also going to cause a spike in my spending. The servicing has been planned for but the previous expenses which caused the budget to blow up in the first place were not hence I’m carrying some debt this month that I will need to plan to pay off.

Still doing well when compared to the percentage of total budget that had been spent at the same time last month:

I have been lazy these last couple of days and have been buying ready meals again. Need to get back to cooking and saving those precious pence!

I’ve also been watching some YouTube videos of people who have bought their first house and it’s making me realise I actually spend way too much money. Lots of people manage to live on less than £1000 per month. At the moment my run rate is about £1800, which means I really can do a lot to trim off the fat on my spending. There is SO MUCH fat – things I think I need but don’t really.

More analysis is needed (and inspiration actually) to trim the fat by opting for cheaper/free options of things that will reduce my spending. It’s not natural for me but has to become so if I want to continue upping my saving rate.

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