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Spending Performance: 21 October 2021

I spent about £32 today; reluctantly because most of it (£28) was for a new web host.

My experience with my current host was that my website was just running too slow. I couldn’t even install a plugin without it timing out. And when I tried to zip my files, again it timed out. Nightmare!

So reluctantly I made the almost £30 spend to try out Hostinger (I’d actually prefer to be back on Siteground but they’re just too expensive!) and covered the spend with money from my ‘going out with friends’ fund.

As you can see the small spend means we made up some ground.

Inevitably I’m going to be £180 over budget given this month’s emergency spend which I devised a personal credit card system to cover. I will have to pay this money back in £60 instalments over the next 3 months.

Again I find myself in a position where it’s a tense end to the month hoping (with the exception of the above) I can sneak in a win.

And here we are against last month… making up ground.

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