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Spending Performance: 21 September 2021

There was a big jump in spending today. I went from £1,521 to £1,624. That’s spending of £103 in one day.

£56 of that spending was petrol – Approved

£16 was on eating out – Approved. (Could’ve been worse)

£15 was on washing my car – Approved.

£10 was on a Spotify subscription – Approved. (It’s small fry but need to think about whether I need this)

And the remaining £5 was on snacks and bits & bobs I grabbed from the supermarket and service station. – Approved.

It’s been a big jump today. The bulk of it was petrol. The rest of the expenses were expected and I think in the end were better than what it could’ve come out as. So although a big spending day and quite a sharp spike on the graph, it was mostly expected.

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