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Spending Performance: 23 September 2021

Well, today we managed another no spend day! One of my favourite kind of days ever! This has brought us to within 2% of where I had budgeted to be (£33 over).

There are seven more days to go in September and I’ve got £256 to spend. I mentioned previously that it was going to be a big spending weekend. Well circumstances mean that hopefully some of those activities may be postponed—but too early yet to say. I’ve got to pay for a big annual app subscription, which will drop before the end of the month, to the tune of around £121.

Generally I still need to find about £236 extra to fund all of my planned spending till the end of the month, so the more that I can cancel, postpone, or minimise, the better. These are crucial times with seven days to go it’s all to play for. I’ll be monitoring carefully and hopefully have the tenacity to cancel, postpone or minimise things.

I’ve got enough food for tomorrow (it’s not ideal but I can make it work) so I can probably sneak in another no-spend day 🙂 which would bring me under budget tomorrow. That would be massive news; I haven’t been under budget since 12 September—11 days (almost 2 weeks) ago. I can’t think of anything I need to buy, but I think I may have my phone bill dropping in tomorrow which would scupper that plan. Anyway, at least I wouldn’t be adding any ad-hoc spending. That also is a win. We got this!

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