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Spending Performance: 7 October 2021

Today was another excellent no-spend day. How I love these days! Keep ’em coming.

Things are looking good but a few things that we need to be mindful of:

  1. I booked my car annual service and MOT today. I booked it for week 4 of the month (week after next) so there will be some major hits in that week but as you can see I’ve already planned that in (hence the steep climb in the budget curve) and have the money waiting. These expenses though can fluctuate year to year depending on if there are any major works to be done on the car. I’m hoping there isn’t. I have a modest budget of £370 set aside for such repairs so hopefully anything that crops up will be under that.
  2. My microwave packed up and I want to get another one. This is very much an unplanned expense. I wouldn’t want to buy a crap one either to replace so I’m looking at about £300 for a replacement. Based on that, I’m going to have to make some tradeoffs which I’m now considering.
  3. On top of that, I need some extra homewares that I’ve been eyeing up. I’m trying to find ways of avoiding the spend but I also really want to get them so I’m working on how I can make that happen within the budget.

All this to say, the performance looks good for now and it is. It’s definitely a good start, but there are some expenses on the horizon and I need to be careful about planning these in.

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