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Spending Performance: 8 October 2021

Not a bad way to end the working week. I am still about £200 under budget. In this young month so far I have spent £992.57 in 8 days. That may seem like a lot but most of my bills are at the start of the month.

I spent almost £50 on grocery shopping today. That is obviously a lot given £50 is a week’s food budget. The expenditure included some cleaning products. I also spent a bit more on granola, premium mayonnaise, an elderflower drink, brown rice, organic chicken, Tabasco sauce, drinking bottle, salt jar, vanilla extract, cleaning sponges. Apart from the chicken, those are things I don’t buy often and together they make up £30 of the £50 spent so my typical grocery shop would’ve been within the £20 mark.

When times seem good I tend to spend more so that is something I have to be mindful of going forward.

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