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Spending Performance: 8 September 2021

One thing I’ve started doing is tracking my expenses week by week to give me early insight into whether i’m overspending.

I have an overall expenditure budget of £2,250 for the September.

As of today I have spent £928 of it. By the end of Week 2 (12 Sep) I expect that figure to go up by probably another £100. I’m not planning much this weekend so that should be realistic.

Spending Performance as at 8/9/21

The white line is a rough guesstimate of max cumulative expenditure at the end of each week and the green line is performance to date.

If I keep up the rate of expenditure, I should come in under budget this month. Of course, it’s only eight days into September so there’s still a lot to come during the month. Naturally, the more I spend each day, the more these figures will go up so it’s a good visual tracker for me to keep an eye on how things are progressing for the month.

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