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Spending Performance: 9 September 2021

There has been a spending increase of £52 since yesterday.

This was during two separate trips to Sainsburys. £30-something on food and the rest on some medication I needed.

Overall, my food expenses need to improve. At the moment I shop every few days. I don’t buy ingredients either, most of it is precooked food that I microwave because I’m short on time and usually too tired in the evenings to cook. I really do need to stop this though and start meal planning and cooking in batches in advance. I need to start cooking from scratch full stop. It will benefit both my physical and financial health.

This is a work in progress. At the moment, I don’t really think about food until I’m hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge and I have to run to Sainsbury’s to pick something up. I need to start being more proactive, planning meals and cooking in advance—start thinking about food before I need to.

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