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Spending Performance: Week Ending 10 October 2021

It’s the end of week 2/5 today of October and here is the state of play.

I’ve spent £1,098.74 out of a possible £1,310.00 at this point leaving a balance of £211,26.

I’m still below where I was last month

I have several expenditures on the horizon though so I need to be careful and creative in how I manage them.

  1. I need to pay for my gym training – £300
  2. I need to pay for a new microwave – £310
  3. I need to get some kitchen cookwares – about £200

Sometimes during the month expenses can come at you from nowhere, some you expect and some you don’t; some from your own needs and wants and others from necessity.

There are trade offs to be made. I need to think carefully about these and ensure I’m focusing on the essential things and not just blowing up by budget because of my needs and wants. I need to exercise some discipline, but balanced with living a decent life.

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