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Spending Performance: Week Ending 17 October 2021

At the end of week 3, things aren’t looking great.

I am £413 over budget for reasons that are well documented.

If I carry on as planned for the month, over the next couple of weeks I can expect to come in way over budget.

This may very well happen anyway. I have additional expenses to meet that were not planned for.

To cover this, I will take a personal loan from myself with a plan to pay back within the next few months.

My target discrete spend next week is £1,000. I have my car going for servicing so expecting that to be the big spend of the week.

A disappointing week results-wise, but it has enabled me to ‘learn from experience’ and put in place a loan system to loan myself money when the unexpected happens. All part of learning to manage when unexpected expenses throws your budget out of whack.

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