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Spending Performance: Week Ending 19 September 2021

Here we are at the end of another week. 19 spending days are gone, 11 remain. Here is how I’m tracking against budget.

I would say, I feel I’m living a little dangerously seeing what I’ve spent so far and knowing the expenses that are yet to come in the next 11 days.

If I’m quite honest this plan looks a little unrealistic. To make it achievable, I would have to spend no more than £245 between Monday 20 to Sunday 26 September and no more than £130 between Monday 27 to Thursday 30 September.

That’s going to be a tough ask given there is absolutely no historical precedence for those figures.

My total expenditure for 13 -19 Sept was £406, and £307 for 6 – 12 Sept. What makes me therefore think I’ll be able to slash expenses by between £60-£160 in one week!? Especially given what I’ve got planned in the week i.e. commuting to the office for work; commuting to see friends up North.

The long and short of it is this: if I want to make budget this month, I’ve got 11 days to go and only £375 to take me through those days.

If I can achieve it, I’ll come in under/on budget; but if I don’t I lose this month. The stakes are high, but it will all be won or lost based on decision-making. Time to take stock and to think and plan for what is really important as we careen towards the close of this pivotal month.

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