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Spending Performance: Week Ending 26 September 2021

As predicted, today was a big spending day with £88.27 spent on food and travel, all falling within the social category. This leaves me with £82 to use till the end of the month—next four days.

A bit of spike here which was expected:

  1. Petrol – £37 – Approved (required to travel)
  2. Lunch out with friends – £35 – Approved (part of the territory)
  3. Takeout for dinner as I had nothing at home – £14 – (Approved) – I could have been better prepared but I didn’t want to go to bed with a hungry stomach
  4. Parking – £2 – Approved

The lesson from today is: try to split bills with friends more equitably to avoid overpaying. I do want to be generous but also have to be conservative in order to meet my goals.

In future I need to use the budget to drive decisions and socials etc so that I’m not caught out at the end of the month like this.

To get back on track for the next four days I will only have £82.44 to spend if I want to hit my monthly budget of £1880.

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