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Spending Performance: Week Ending 3 October 2021

The first week in October is finished and I’m glad to report I’m under budget.

After the first three days of the month, I have spent £853.37 against a budget of £900.

I was quite generous with the budget for this first week given I know that a lot of my monthly expenses are front loaded so will blow up the chart unless I made adequate allowance for it in my budget. The past two days (Sat & Sun) for example I had a budget of £150 per day. For next week however we go back down to £60 per day budget – more than the average last month but also taking into consideration any lingering early in the month expenses. Either way, I’m glad to be on track with the budget, I’ve created.

I’m in the green at the end of this week. If I carry on hitting budget targets for the next seven days, I will carry on being under budget. I’m hoping I should be able to do that given I have a more generous daily budget than last month – but of course there are big expenses coming later this month so have to defer most ad-hoc spending I need to do till right at the end of the month after those big payments have gone out.

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