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The Worst Month of the Year

August is shaping up to be the worst money month of the 2021/22 fiscal year for me so far. My total expenditure as of 27 August is


A staggering £800 over budget.

I’ve just started looking at my expenditure report to see what the culprits are. So far, at a high level looks like

  1. I made around £300 of unplanned purchases in homewares. New cookware, water filter, bedroom drawers.
  2. I also spent around £350 on food. £150 more than I want to
  3. I paid a traffic infringement fine of £90 for driving in a bus lane
  4. I bought £66 of unplanned toiletries
  5. £400 on social things – which was about £75 more than I wanted to spend
  6. £110 on three trips into the office for work
  7. £120 on work related books

The above totals £911—which, give or take accounts for the overspend at a high level.

This is a ridiculously jarring amount to look at. I can’t believe I went that much over budget but that’s what happens when you spend without reference to a plan.

Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed in this month’s performance but I’m hoping it will remain the worse month of the year when the year is through.

Can only go upwards from here—right?


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