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Budget: October 2021

Happy October!

September was wonderful from a financial perspective. I had a budget of £1,880.75 and managed to sneak in under at £1,880.31.

It’s a great achievement for me particularly given that my spending has been out of control for a long time and I have never really managed to spend less than I budgeted so I’m certainly putting this one down as a huge win. That figure will be a record to beat.

Looking forward to October, here revealed is my budget for the month.

I earned enough in September to pay myself a salary of £4,500.

I have a policy of investing half my income. This month I won’t quite reach half so will invest £2,000 which is 44%

I will have £2,500 left over for spending after that investment. Add to that what I saved from last month and that spending budget grows to £3,050.44.

Out of that budget, a mere £150 is what I can use to fund next months savings leaving £2,900.44 which is my total budget of how much I can spend this month.

With all my annual planned expenses (savings) due this month (£1,114) extracted from that figure, I’m left with £1786.44 to spend which is just under £100 less than I had last month.

There’s my budget. Wish me luck and let’s get to work beating it. Let’s go October!

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