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Spending Performance: 30 September 2021 – Crushed It!

And just like that, we scrape in at the end of September at £0.44 under budget! Talk about being more likely to hit something when you have an aim!

I’m very very pleased about this. Funny how after the last few weeks riding above budget, I was able to bring it in right on the very last day.

Just goes to show that if you set a goal and you monitor against it daily, it certainly does help to manage your expenses.

This has been the lowest spending month I’ve had for a while.

It is now the new Spending Record. It will be tough to beat; I know won’t be able to do it next month because of car expenses coming up but the goal will be to beat that record soon.

For now, just revelling in the fact that I came in under budget in the end!


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