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Budget Performance: 7 January 2022

Well, all I can say this month is that despite your best laid plans, life has a way of throwing things your way that disrupt your whole agenda.

I paid to get the wing mirror fixed today. The total spent on it came up to just shy of £400.

Whilst they were fixing the mirror, they also had to do a vehicle check and found that the tread of my tyres were dangerously low and also needed replacement. This was because I’d been carrying around heavy things (from my storage clearance) in the boot of my car! In any case, I also forked out £180 to arrange for the replace of my two nearside tyres. The other two are not as bad so can wait till summer.

The third thing I had to pay for was for tow eye cover for my front tow eye. For some reason, the cover had fallen off. Don’t know when it happened but have to get it replaced. I ordered the replacement which cost £20.

Altogether that is £600 spent on car repairs this month that I did not anticipate or plan for at all!

But that is not the end! The tow eye cover needs to be spray painted to match the colour of the car, because it only comes in a generic primed version. I went to the garage to get a quote for that and whilst I was at it, I thought might as well get the scratches on the other side of my bumper painted over at the same time. They quoted me £150 for the lot!

All in all, I’ll be looking at an unplanned expense of £750 on car repairs this month.

You know what they say: when it rains, it pours.

I obviously cannot accommodate all of this in this month’s budget. I’ve already used what is left of my Emergency Fund (about £350) to cover some of the cost of replacing the wing mirror. That leaves me about £400 short on the month.

I will have to increase my budget by that amount this month. Since I’ve run out of Emergency Fund money, and haven’t yet replenished it, I will have to think of a plan of action to fund this expense this month.

When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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