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Buy ingredients, cook big, eat for days

This month, although only 10 days old, I feel I’ve spent much less on food already simply because the last time I shopped, I did click and collect at Sainsbury’s and got enough ingredients to cook three separate meals. Those meals each have about three or four servings and up until now I still haven’t run out.

The shop took place on 2 August, so eight days later and I’m only getting to cook the third and final meal today. That’s not bad at all. Okay so you have to exclude the weekend because I was out all weekend and ate out but still, that’s £40 worth of ingredients lasting me (at this rate) about 10 days. I’m really impressed by that. It of course won’t come as a surprise to some but if you have any idea of my shopping habits and penchant for ready meals and expensive food options, this is quite a win.

If I repeat the process this week and shop ingredients for another 3 meals (of 3-4 servings each) tomorrow, I wonder if I can make it last till 21 August.

Buying ingredients and cooking large meals seems to be the name of the game.

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