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Incubate Purchases!

I have been very silly with money yet again this month. I’ve been failing to incubate purchases. I’ve bought things on impulse without much thinking of the trade-off or whether I need that thing right now.

That is where I feel I’m tripping up. I’m not making use of my shopping list and waiting till the end of the month to see which things I can afford. I simply think of something I think I need and then out comes the card to pay for it. I cannot afford to go on like this. It’s a terrible habit and will leave me over budget every month.

The simple things I need are to

  1. Incubate all purchases by adding anything I want or need to my monthly Wish List.
  2. Review the list at the end of the month and decide which items I can reasonably afford based on the state of my budget. The distance in time might help me realise I actually don’t need some of the things I thought I needed.

Part of my problem is with instant gratification—not having learned the discipline of saving for something.

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