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Looking like a tough August

This month’s budget is still looking pretty tight.

There are things that I know are coming which I just can’t fund right now. I also have friends visiting from abroad at the end of the month and I know I’ll have to look after them and entertain etc.

I also need to give to people who I know are in need right now.

I’m trying to stick to my £2,000 budget this month but I just can’t see that being possible.

I’ve destroyed two of my credit cards. I only have one more left to destroy—there’s no balance on it just administrative things to complete—so I know I won’t be relying on credit cards. Anything over my allotted budget this month will be coming straight from the following month’s budget and consequently my deposit.

I cannot afford to spend on any frivolous and extraneous things this month. I just can’t.

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