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Paper Smart

The Worst Month of the Year

August is shaping up to be the worst money month of the 2021/22 fiscal year for me so far. My total expenditure as of 27 August is


A staggering £800 over budget.

Theory of Constraints

At the moment, if i want something, I just buy it. There is no reference to a budget; no saving for things and no deference…

August Blows Up

So August has been blown up. I have spent £2327 so far and there are seven days left in the month. My budget was £1650.…


Well I’ve tried blogging my money journey before but gave up shortly after. I’m in more debt now than when I started the first time.

It’s the start of 2020 and feel motivated. It’s not just the new year, it’s the fact that I’m fed up and tired. Fed up of debt, tired of renting a room in someone else’s house, paying off their mortgage.

I want things to be different. I need to get control of my money. Not just control, I need to be better at money. If I’m honest, I suck at it—I’m really bad; no, really, really bad. I’ve spent money on useless things, ran up credit cards, transferred the balance and kept doing it.

Now about to turn 35 and seeing that my life is going nowhere because of my situation, I am determined to make a change.