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Plans and funds

Nothing special to report today, I just did some shifting around to balance my budget. I haven’t done a whole update but I still know that the plans that I have for the month don’t match the funds that I’ve available in the budget for the month so I’m going to have to reckon with this.

When there is a mismatch between your plans for the month and your funds for the month, then you either have to cut some plans or keep all your plans and borrow funds to fund it. I am not a fan of borrowing anymore but I can’t see how I can cut any of these plans quite yet. I have some thinking to do in this regard.

Budgets are really funding plans.

We all have plans in life. Today for example, my plan is to work during the day and go to a basketball game in the evening. Between that, I also plan to eat and take calls during my work day.

Some plans don’t need money (aren’t those the best!), others need small amounts of money whilst others need large amounts.

All these plans need to be funded and that’s where budgeting comes in. It’s about making decisions about what plans we can fund and which ones we cannot.

If your plans cost more than your funds then you have to make trade-offs. You have to either cancel some plans or borrow to fund them all.

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