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Spending Performance: 30 November 2021

Well it’s the final day of November 2021.

Sad that I’m glad to see the back of it. It has been a terrible month financially. A full breakdown, analysis and retrospect will be coming, but for now suffice it to note that I finished up at £2,561.68 against a budget of £2,274.40 meaning I was £287.28 over budget.

That’s a considerable miss. And the troubling thing is that I carry some of that now as overdraft and debt into next month; meaning that as hard is it’s going to be already, it being December, I’m already starting next month with less money than I need.

This is why it’s really important not to go over budget.

The funny thing is I think since I set up my personal credit card, and started using my second credit card as well to triage purchases and build credit (aiming to pay off full balance monthly) there has been mental shift which makes me spend money without worrying! And that to me is a terrible thing. I want to feel a little bit concerned when I’m spending money but to be honest, when you know there is an active credit card in your possession, it has a mental effect on you and you spend differently.

I guess one thing I’m learning there is the mental side of credit cards and how it contributes to rising debt. Just having a credit card available, for someone like me, is probably not a good idea. More to be seen on that front.

Good riddance November. It was nice knowing you.

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